Kirby Lester Pill Counting Machines

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Automation solutions feature Kirby Lester-brand counting systems that efficiently handle exact prescription processing and record-keeping in busy pharmacy settings, plus anywhere an exact inventory count of tablets/capsules is needed. Capsa’s pharmacy automation technologies help secure controlled medication handling, and tighten inventory processes in pharmacies of all types and volume.

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Kirby Lester KL1 Pill Counter

The Kirby Lester KL1 is the pharmacy industry’s smallest, simplest, and fastest tablet counter. Trusted across the globe, the KL1 counts almost any tablet or capsule quickly, conveniently and accurately. Superior to manual counting, the KL1 reduces errors and allows for more time spent delivering direct patient care.

  • Average 14.3 seconds faster than hand-counting for a 90-count Rx
  • Counting speed up to 15 tablets/second
  • Compact design, about the size of a counting tray
  • Counts almost any tablet or capsule without calibration, maintains absolute accuracy
  • Stand-alone design, needs no interfacing or I.T. set-up
  • Use for fast inventory counting of bulk tablets and capsules

General Specifications:

Dimensions: 37.1(h) x 31.75 (d) x 14.2 (w) cm; 3.2 kg

Top Funnel Diameter: 13.2cm

Tray Capacity: 800cc (maximum capacity approx. 1,450 ibuprofen 200mg brown/round, approx 425 metformin 1000mg)

Throughput: Up to 15 tablets/capsules per second

Power: 110V / 220V / 240V, 60Hz / 50Hz

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