Lockable Medication Management Trolleys

Medication trolleys provide efficient and safe storage for the manual dispensing of medications and offer offer high capacity, durable construction, optimal security and premium workflow accessories for organized medication control. The NexsysADC provides a computerized, locked storage system for safe and trackable handling of medications and supplies at the point-of-care.

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NexsysADC™ Automated Dispensing Cabinet

The NexsysADC™ automated dispensing cabinet securely manages controlled medications such as narcotics and high-value drugs. Full IT integration with existing HIS/EMR’s or stand-alone solution with own software.

  • Full tracking and tracing, from log-in to log-out
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant system provides 24/7 access to inventory information, user tracking, electronic ordering, and integration with your management software system
  • Highly configurable with capacity for almost 400 unique oral solid medication SKUs
  • Choose up to 10 Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) to automate from 25-250 controlled medications
  • Touch screen computer with integrated barcode scanner

General Specifications:

Cabinet size: 109 x 61 x 65 cm

Work surface height: 109.2 cm

Monitor: Adjustable 55.8 cm touchscreen

Top of monitor height: 170 cm maximum

Weight: 65.7 kg (empty) up to 158.7 kg (with 10 CAMs)

Capacity: Up to 400 SKUs

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Avalo® Series ACS Bin Cassette
Medication Trolley

Avalo Series AC Medication Trolleys combine the latest compact medication cart design with plenty of capacity and simple maneuverability. Configure medication storage with a selection of 2 bin sizes and 3 drawer sizes to a maximum of 30 patient specific medication bins. A variety of proven lock systems and security options promotes highly secure and organized medication control.

  • Two trolley sizes, compact and standard height
  • Unit dose packaging per patient and/or generic per medication
  • Choice of lock systems, including autolock, key or keyless access with manual relocking
  • Integrated and flexible drawer divider system
  • Full selection of convenience accessories and options
  • Stable, compact profile for simple maneuverability

General Specifications:

Base Dimensions: 61 x 66cm

Work Surface Area: 40.5 x 46cm

Compact Work Surface Height: 109cm

Standard Work Surface Height: 100cm

Bin Width: 13.9 or 20.3 cm

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Lockable Medication Cabinets Australia

ACS Lock System Choices


Automatically secures a motionless unlocked medication trolley with a user defined re-lock time delay from 1-99 minutes. AutoLock permits up to 5,000 individual user codes to further enhance cart access tracking and security.

Keyless Access with Manual Re-locking

Simply enter a 4-digit access code, push down the lock lever and the trolley is ready for access. To secure the medication cart, simply push in the lock lever. Clear visual indication of lock status is apparent from a distance.

Key Access with Manual Re-locking

Featuring the Best® Core Removable Lock System, this basic yet proven lock system provides your medication trolley advanced security and the flexibility to change keys simply and easily.

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