Medical Computing Workstations

Mobile Computing Trolleys with their superior ergonomics and optional storage modules optimize workflows at the point-of-care. Available as economical non-powered laptop trolleys or as powered computing workstations that can power computers, All-In-One’s (AIO’s) and monitors up to 12 hours.

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Trio Computing Workstation

The Trio Computing Workstation is a design blend of the most-intelligent and most-reliable computing trolleys ever offered. Trio offers a refined, ergonomic design style coupled with innovative advances in usability, convenience, and power system runtime.

  • Slim profile, improved mobility and enhanced features
  • Flexible hybrid power system for extended mobile runtime
  • Configurable with an array of drawer and bin options
  • New updated N-Sight™ Fleet Management software with enhanced user management tools

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T7 Powered Mobile Technology Trolley

Built for intuitive one-hand operation, the T7 Powered Cart is a unique innovation in medical technology carts. Its Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusts to each caregiver’s entered height, while its Power Track™ steering allows for virtually effortless maneuvering and complete user control. With a simple design, the T7 makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.

  • AutoFit™ Technology offers unprecedented ease of adjustment for each individual user
  • The T7’s 50.8 cm height range ensures great ergonomics for seated and standing caregivers
  • Power Track™ steering allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces and one-handed operation
  • A completely encased wire management system mitigates clutter and infection control concerns

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T7 Non-Powered Mobile Technology Trolley

T7 Non-Powered Carts deliver performance, ergonomics and durability. These sleek, innovative carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide caregivers with a simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day.
Lightweight and built for intuitive one-hand operation, the T7 Non-Powered Cart is a unique innovation in medical technology carts. Its manual height adjustment allows quick and easy ergonomic positioning. With a simple design, the T7 makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.

  • Manual height adjustment accommodates users in sitting and standing positions
  • Easily customizable with numerous accessories, shelves, and holders for common items
  • A streamlined design and neutral color palette makes the T7 the right fit for any healthcare space
  • The T7’s wipe-clean finish is designed for easy cleaning to ensure effective infection control

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T7 MedLink™ Medication Management Trolley

The T7 MedLink Cart is a medication management solution designed to reduce human error, keep patients safe, and create a closed-loop medication system using lockable drawers and patient wristband scanning. This ensures each patient receives the correct medication while allowing caregivers to focus on delivering care. MedLink™ Pro, the next generation in medication management software, retrieves and displays patient data and aids clinicians in the secure delivery of medication. Power Track™ steering allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces and one-handed operation.

  • AutoFit™ Technology offers unprecedented ease of adjustment for each individual user
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration, with option to set-up single sign-on capabilities
  • HL7 integration allows patient labels to be selected from the existing hospital patient list
  • RFID-embedded technology assists in locating each patient drawer — to the specific cart, cassette and caregiver

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M38e Computing Trolley

The M38e from Capsa Healthcare is an evolution of the most proven point-of-care computing trolley in healthcare. With updated features that provide superior ergonomics, enhanced ease-of-use, and expanded storage flexibility, the M38e maximizes clinical efficiency and elevates the performance of your health IT program.

  • Smaller profile glides through tight care settings
  • Large work area with additional 100 square inch expandable surface feature
  • Increase battery runtime for consistent uptime performance
  • Large hardware storage area for expanded tech organization

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Documentation Trolley

SlimCart™ Documentation Trolley

The non-powered, ultra-lightweight SlimCart™ glides easily through tight care settings, providing a flexible, cost effective solution for mobile documentation. SlimCart provides a generous work surface and is configurable with your choice of laptop, tablet, or lightweight computer monitor.

  • Ultra-lightweight, starting at just 12.25 kg
  • 39 x 42.49 cm compact profile for maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Key-locking removable drawers for efficient and secure storage
  • Optional Laptop anti-theft security bridle

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Wall-Mounted Workstations

Wall Arms are designed to provide maximum stability and functionality for clinical documentation and patient interaction in patient rooms.

Fluid™ Wall Arm

The Fluid Wall Arms are designed to provide maximum stability, flexibility, and functionality for clinical documentation and patient interaction in any healthcare environment. With an extended room reach of up to 157.5 cm, simple single-handed positioning, and expanded vertical adjustment, the Fluid Arm provides a flexible and comfortable workstation that supports seated or standing interactions.

  • Large premium work surface with left/right mouse surface
  • Supports 20lb weight capacity
  • Internal cable management allows for clean, organized look
  • Slim profile when stowed to maximize space
  • Neutral color blends into any healthcare environment

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V/Flex Wall Station

Combining exceptional height adjustment with flexible arm options, the V/Flex Wall Station satisfies nearly any healthcare application requirement. Setting a new standard for ease of use and engineered to support caregiver workflows, V/Flex offers effortless sit-stand functionality. Sophisticated cable management promotes infection prevention. The ideal solution for today’s busy healthcare environments, V/Flex puts caregivers’ comfort first, so they can focus on delivering the best care to their patients.

  • V/Flex offers unmatched ergonomic comfort and ease of use
  • Full height adjustability and convenient sit-stand functionality fits 98% of the population
  • V/Flex features a range of arm options, including straight arms and a solo arm to hold a monitor and keyboard
  • The keyboard can be mounted directly onto the track, saving space and minimizing the footprint

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V6 Wall Station

The V6 Technology Wall Station combines exceptional space-savings with ergonomic design for comfortable caregiver computer use, whether seated or standing. The V6 Wall Station supports a monitor and keyboard along with hardware, shelves and accessories. A range of ergonomic adjustments allows caregivers to easily position for a healthy computing experience and facilitates patient engagement. A sophisticated, customizable cable management system promotes easier cleaning, and a streamlined aesthetic design complements modern healthcare environments.

  • Flexible monitor arms ensure technology never gets in the way of patient-caregiver interactions
  • A wide range of adjustability allows the V6 to accommodate sitting and standing positions
  • Easily customizable with numerous monitor and keyboard arm lengths for ultimate versatility
  • Choose an accessory mount or rail to support peripheral shelves and mounts for common items

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